I’m a mommy with two children a girl (M) and boy (J). The Motherhood experiment is my journey into motherhood and exploring children, There is so much out there for mothers to read and most of it conflicts with itself, mothers are just left to figure out which piece of advice to follow. I took the approach to just go with the flow and do what feels right. So now I’ve started┬áthis blog to pass on my own experiences, views, thoughts and anecdotes from parenting.

I was never really the maternal type but feel I’ve taken to parenting quite well, it seems to be going ok so far and I feel so far the experiment seems to be providing positive results.

In my blog you will find reviews for days out and product reviews and I’m more than happy ┬áto conduct a review of your product or service.

I also post ideas for activities with kids, from yummy baking ideas to crazy craft ideas, games, and anything I happen to do with my kids.

you can get in touch with my by emailing: mommy@motherhoodexperiment.co.uk


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