Summer smoothie slush

So on a very hot day like today, I decided to help us cool down with a quick activity. And got the result of a very refreshing drink.

My daughter was asking for lots of drinks and I felt like a nice ice drink, so I thought right lets make an ice slush.

I love ice in my drinks in the summer.

this is very easy to do and you can use pretty much any fruit in the drink.

What you need:

  • A smoothie blender – that allows you to use ice.
  • Lots of Ice cubes
  • Some fruit we used raspberries
  • Some water to add

What you do:

Pop the ice, and the fruit into the blender and add some water just a little,


If in doubt add a small bit at the time. Then simply blend it all together and you have one icey slushy fruity drink.


My daughter particularly liked pushing the button on the blender and then we got some straws and drink it up.

IMG_1095 IMG_1096

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