Freelance jobs for working moms and dads

Having recently given up the corporate life in search of a better life for me and my family. We’re moving to the country and both my Husband and I accepting redundancy packages it feels like a good time to blog about side income jobs,

I started my quest for weird and wonderful flexible and part time or freelance jobs when I was working as a Singer, you never knew when the next contract was coming so it helped to have a few jobs up your sleeve you could pull out when the bank balance needed it.

And I have had my fair share of jobs, well over 100 different jobs, in many different sectors.

A friend who had also given up her corporate job also asked me for some ideas for side income earning jobs and hence this blog post was born.

Since I started writing it, it is growing bigger and bigger so I’m going to break it down into smaller more manageable chunks via links. Not all the jobs here will suit everyone, but if you really need to make some money fast, here are some ways you can do it and with a lot of them have some fun along the way.

So here is my list of the best freelance jobs for unskilled workers. by this I mean pretty much anyone can do most of these jobs.

I’ve broken this post down into online, and physical work opportunities as I had so many it was getting a very long document.

Online / work at home jobs

User Testing

Get paid to test the usability of a website, You get paid between £1-£10 per job which can take from 5 minutes to around 30 minutes. You normally have to do a trail sample test and this gets reviewed and then you start getting invites – main rule is just keep talking.

The best site I’ve found is: – If your at home and working on your computer just have the tab left open in your browser and when you hear the ding you need to be quick, you basically record your screen as you interact with a website and talk about what you are doing, how easy you find it to use.

Other sites that do the same thing:

Product sampling and testing

Whilst not very well paid, You normally get points that turn into cash the more studies you do, You do get free products sent to you and you get to try out new products too.


Surveys won’t make you rich, but you can get paid for them and they can be fun.

I like the yougov website, It pays around 50p (50 points) per survey and you need to clock up 5000 points before they will pay out a £50 cheque, but they do tend to send around one survey out per day and I think the more you interact with the site the more points you get. If you are a gambler you can gamble your points for the chance to win £2000.

The surveys tend to be quite interesting you can sign up here:

You gov sign up

Online researcher

Get paid to do online research, you have to apply by doing a test study.


Online searches

 Some websites will pay you to use a search engine so if you are annoyed at Google for not paying its tax, why not earn some money for doing nothing.

I use swagbucks I’ve set it as my default search engine and the money keeps rolling in, every now and again a search will earn you points, which you can exchange for gift cards, You can do loads more on the site, like enter surveys, shop through them to pick up points, Play games, watch videos.

Just on search engines alone I earnt a £5 gift card in one month doing nothing else that what I normally do online, I’ve not properly got into using it but it really is worth it because it’s basically money for carrying out your day to day business online

you can sign up here:

Swagbucks sign up

 Online Writing

Listverse pays you $100 for your efforts when you you create a list of 10 items or more. The lists could be anything related to entertainment, fascination, travel, general knowledge, lifestyle, etc…. You can submit your list on line

Writing poetry for greeting cards –

Content – Scary Mommy will pay $100 per original piece of content. is hiring guides/writers



Fotolia allows you to sell photos you’ve taken for stock photography usage. For example, if a publisher is looking for a picture of a beach and you uploaded such a picture, the publisher can use Fotolia to purchase the rights to use that picture in its publication and you receive a cut of that money. For a photography hobbyist, this is a great way to earn a few dollars for some of your best photos.

Foap sells open source photos for $10, with the photographer earning $5 per sale. You can sell the same photo as many times as you like, thus earning money on the same photo again and again.


Vertual assistants

Worldwide101’s team of talented professionals has left behind the daily commute for the advantages of working virtually.

For some its about having a more flexible schedule, or the freedom to spend winter somewhere warm, or the variety of working with multiple clients. As a business-class Virtual Assistant, you’ll play the rewarding role of supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners with a wide range of tasks, helping them to succeed, and freeing them up to focus on growing their business.


Online Freelancer sites

Fiverr. Fiverr is simply a micro-job website where you can earn $5 for every sale you make. But $5 is just the beginning. It’s a fast growing market place with millions of buyers and sellers and with a good strategy, you can easily make a good income.


people per hour


Online transcription

If you can type fast and accurately there are lots of transcription services online, you need to be able to do around 75 words per minute, I’ve never passed the test as I can only manage around 65 words per minute, so don’t have any experience of these sites.


Landmark Associates (

CV writting

Online tutoring


On Udemy, anyone can create a video-based course on a range of topics – from web design and entrepreneurship to yoga and photography. The average price for a course is $19 to $199. Many of the top classes draw about 500 students, with some reaching students in the low thousands. For each class, Udemy takes 30 percent of the earnings.

Dozens of instructors in all kinds of disciplines are making upwards of $10,000 but the highest earners tend to teach more technical topics (Microsoft Excel and Python, for example) or business and entrepreneurship. The most popular instructors, are especially passionate and knowledgeable about their material. And they put in about 30 to 40 hours or more to prepare the curriculum, produce high-quality video and interact with students via message boards. Instructor Victor Bastos, for example, has earned $325,000 over the past 12 months from his class on web development. But even a class on the “art of black and white photography,” taught by photographer David Nightingale, has made $31,000 in just four months.

The best thing about Udemy is, you use their online “studio” to create the course “once”. Now, your course (not you) will do the work and earn income over and over again.

Take a look at these courses on Udemy to get an idea of what you can create:

TEFL teaching

Teach English Online with EF As the official language services provider for both the Beijng, Sochi and Rio Olympic Games, EF uses cutting edge technology to create a fundamentally better way of learning English. Our online English program serves adult learners from over 120 countries, and we are looking for engaging native speakers to make our virtual classrooms come alive! Teachers work from home and are provided with innovative conversational lesson plans for our small classes. Prior teaching and/or TEFL experience is a plus, but not required. This is a perfect opportunity for stay at home parents, students and other professionals looking to benefit from a work from home job opportunity with a stable, well-established company.

Side income jobs –

 Short-term temp jobs

Some temp agencies will allow you to work on a short term contracts from just a day to a week, It’s normally reception or data entry type work, but it pays the bills, sign up to local temp agencies and state you only want short term contracts.

 Research, promotions and marketing jobs

Focus groups


Take part in genuine UK market research and user testing events such as focus groups and interviews, share your views on products and services you use, and earn great cash rewards for making a real difference

Mystery shopping

Field Agent is a company that uses crowd-sourcing and mobile technology to collect unique, real time data that helps their clients to gain insight and information how stores display and sell their products. So field agent basically recruits us to use their app on our smart phones to gather this data for these companies and pays us in return.


Store checkers

Retail Maxim

Corporate role playing

Simulated patients for Doctors exams

Doctors require individuals to pretend to have certain conditons and are assessed as part of their medical exams

 Field interviewer for Social research

Fully flexible as long as you get your work done on time and on target you are left to create your own work hours, many expect you to commit at least 20 hours per week but you can work a mixture of day/evening and weekends to suit your lifestyle. As an interviewer you’ll visit people in their homes to ask them about all sorts of interesting topics. It’s well paid, as long as you meet you achievable targets. The three main organisations that do this work are:

NatCen –

Ipsos Mori


Event staff

If you like going to gigs or football games why not get paid for it, Ok so you’re hired to watch the crowds rather than the event but often you can get a sneak peak here and there.

Event staffing also hospitality events and waitress duties.


Promotional staff is for product launches, trade shows, leafleting, sampling. I have done some crazy things including the Ice age movie launch where I had to dress up as a Walrus and Ice skate on an Ice rink. I also worked for many big name companies on various promotions such as Harry Potter DVD launch, Pampers Kandoo product launch, Virgin trains promotion and many other in store product launches. You normally only do the job for a day so it is normally fun, and If you don’t enjoy it you don’t have to go back. It is normally quite well paid around £100 per day.

Appearance does count on some promotional jobs and they look for model types so if you are model like you’ll do well in this industry.

Costume character

It’s an odd one but very well paid considering what you are required to do, and this one is generally good if you are 5foot 4 or less.

Extra work

Get paid to be a background character in a movie, It normally involves long days and lots of waiting around, but again it’s well paid starting from around £100 per day. There are a few scam agencies out there so watch out and be weary of those requesting you pay a lot of money up front. Most agencies will make you pay an admin fee and some will also request professional photos, but after one job you should have recouped your fees.


Casting collective

Child Modeling – selling your childs cuteness can be very profitable and create a nice nest egg for their university fees. another one that is easy to get conned on but if you do your research, you’ll be fine.



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