What is Christmas really about?

I’ve taken to some creative writing to express the strain and despair I see on peoples faces as we get closer to Christmas where we celebrate greed and Gluttony.

So here is my poem about Christmas.

What is Christmas really about?

I see the strain upon her face as she pulls the screaming child in tight and tries to explain what is wrong and right.

“You must not hit your mother, ” she says as her slap hits his cheek displaying exactly what she has warned him against.

It’s Christmas you see that time of year, where we all get together to express our good cheer.

But as I walk around in my own little bubble,  a few day before the big event,  to see any smiling faces any joy around is a struggle

Stress fills the air, a real sense of urgency, to get the next must have toy or accessory. She tramples right over my son in his pram to get to the thing that is top of her list.

The door slams in my face as I leave the shop as the woman in front didn’t look behind, she’s onto her next shop bags in full hands.

A visit to santa a must for some, as the child throws the present they didn’t want pink “why’s it not blue.”

The mother doesn’t seem bothered “We’ll get you a blue one my dear” My eyebrow is raised as I witness this display and thoughts turn to what should we really be feeling on this day?

Everyone wants we each other has and envy and desire take over inside. We don’t help the lady reach for the toy on the high shelf as I’m sure I know someone who wants one of those.

Just stop for a moment as you rush around the shop, and watch the behaviour displayed but our nation.

A supposed Christian festival is anything but, sinners are everywhere as we prepare for a day full of sin.

We open our presents and stuff full our faces, then many spend the res of the day wasted.

Try this next time you are out for your shopping, a smile on your face as you carry you bundle of goods, that you hope will bring joy for the one who receives.

Stay calm while your out, it’s going to be busy, avoid taking your kids they will get in a tizzy.

And when the day comes, when Christmas arrives, however you celebrate it think of others who can’t.

For Christmas should bring us closer together, as families and friends and strangers alike.

It should be a time for giving, giving to those who need, rather than those who want.

and a time for receiving and sharing love.

So don’t forget this in the lead up to Christmas, remember what it is really all about for you.


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