Keter multi dine high chair

So I needed a new high chair, our first one was given to us and M still uses it and it was time to bring J around the table so, I decided to buy one. I did some searching on line and was fairly horrified to see how some high chairs were £300! really. It just sounds completely ridiculous to spend that amount of money.

If money was no object I did quite like the look of the nuna Zaaz highchair but I really don’t want to spend that sort of money on a highchair it really is stupid.

So I settled for three an East coast wooden high chair by baby start, the Keter Multi dine high chair and a mama’s and papa’s Pesto highchair. They were all in the £30-£50 price range and all on special offer.

After reading a few reviews and deciding I liked the look of the Keter one, thats the one I went for.

I picked it up and it was very portable and easy to carry. I love how the whole chair folds into itself and if you did need to carry it around or store it it’s very space friendly.

First I assembled it and it was very simple to assemble, everything clicks into place and no need to get a screwdriver out.

It looks modern and stylish and clean.

It has 3 different options a high chair, a booster seat and a Junior chair.

At the moment I’ve got it in high chair mode but can see how it could easily convert into the other options.

It has a nice tray table that can click into different positions to grow with your child and has two parts to the table an easy to remove and clean green tray sits inside, which makes the chair easy to clean.

It’s the same with the seat there is an insert that is easy to remove and clean, although it doesn’t contain all the mess so you do have to give the whole chair a clean too.

It has a 5 point harness and adjustable straps. my 6 month old sits in it really well and seems very comfy.

It has a little foot rest although my son is not quite big enough for this yet.

I was a bit worried it looked a bit unsteady but it seems really secure and would be difficult to tipple out of it.

So far I’m really pleased with it.

Highlights: Lightweight, doesn’t take up too much space, easy to clean. Moderate price

No real negatives, but If I could change something I might change the harness strap release catch as I found it quite difficult to release.


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